Why Are We All So Afraid?

A reader wrote on my Facebook thread that I’m so interesting and say the things everything is thinking about, but are afraid to say.

I appreciate that!

But it also gets me thinking: Why are we all so afraid?

Why do people have to worry about losing business, or losing you’re job, if you’re not woke and crazy and Communist, and if you don’t want the government to take people’s guns, you don’t want the government to restrict people’s speech, take away their heat/ac, their gas stoves, their cars and their ability to make a living if they don’t take an experimental vaccine financed by the government through a billion dollar company with absolutely no product liability?

Why are WE — the ones who dare to think or perhaps say this is all wrong and crazy — always the ones ashamed? Always the ones on the defensive?

Should the people who advocate these crazy things be on the defensive — NOT the people who cherish liberty, freedom, individual rights, and the real Constitution, not the phone one being imposed by the Biden regime and blue state governors/mayors, and Soros-appointed totalitarian attorneys?

I don’t understand how it got to this point. Why isn’t there at least a debate?

I’m not saying you need to write a blog or go on the radio or television. That’s a personal choice. I’m not saying you have to go out of your way to annoy people. I’m not even saying you have to do anything, if you don’t want to, or if you really can’t.

But I am saying, please: don’t be afraid. And don’t be ashamed. Refuse to participate in the madness. Refuse to go along to get along. Within your family, in your neighborhood, in your community. People have gone mad — but it’s really just a minority who have gone mad. The rest are simply afraid, and feel like they have to pretend to go along with the madness even if they know it’s madness.

Stretch your willingness NOT to comply as far as you possibly can. This is the thing that totalitarians and control freaks cannot stand. They loathe independence because they fear it, because they don’t have it, and they’re envious of it. This is why these leftists who want you to conform are in such a rage all the time, constantly making threats and calling you names. They’re screaming their own insecurity.

We don’t live at the permission of anyone. The government exists with OUR permission. That includes you and I, whether we’re the quiet majority or whether we’re a minority. Either way, all individuals have rights, and — as Ayn Rand used to say — the tiniest minority on earth is the individual.



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