The Manhattan Witch Trial

Breitbart calls the Trump arraignment the “Manhattan witch trial.”

It’s an accurate analogy.

The Salem witch trials were based on:

irrational fear and derangement;


lack of rational understanding, including the lack of a willingness to understand via facts and reasoning;

the replacement of facts and reasoning with emotion alone;

emotionalism, i.e., emotion for emotion’s sake;

mob rule;

no concept whatsoever of individual rights, later embodied by the American Bill of Rights and Constitution;

and, lastly: outright, willful, deliberate — even gleeful, sick — injustice.

Welcome to the Manhattan Witch Trial.

The Salem Witch trials occurred before the men of objective enlightenment, influenced by the Renaissance’s Age of Reason, gave us a republic — which we have now, quite officially, lost forever.

Congratulations, America. You have come full circle. And not in a good way.



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