From the “America Going Bonkers” Files

“Let’s violate EVERY principle of the Bill of Rights in order to get Trump. Why? To save the Bill of Rights.”

Inconsistent madness. From Democratic Communists and RINOs alike. The first group is evil; the second, stupid and evil.


An incoming Massachusetts school superintendent revealed that his job offer was rescinded prior to his start date after he addressed two women on the school’s committee as “ladies” in an email.

Vito Perrone was offered the position as the head of Easthampton Schools on March 23, but was notified that the job offer had been withdrawn over his choice of salutation in an email to the chairperson and executive assistant, both female, who reportedly interpreted his “ladies” greeting as a “microaggression,” the Daily Hampshire Gazette reported. [Fox News story 4-3-23]

If there is any DARK comfort in the possibility that America — and all of Western civilization — may soon fall, it’s the deep satisfaction of watching people concerned with “microaggressions” see their universe turn into a Third World country.



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