Gag Order: First for Trump – then for YOU

DemComs shut down the country in 2020, forced people to wear masks and threatened to starve or imprison you if you didn’t take an ineffective, experimental “vaccine” paid for by the government to companies who enjoyed immense profits with zero product liability. They went on to shut down election counts in crucial swing states where Trump was ahead in 2020, suddenly finding votes for Biden after he had been losing, thanks to unverifiable mail-in votes in those swing states. Biden was installed as president and subsequently began to imprison anyone who protested.

Are you at all surprised that Donald Trump now faces criminal penalties for a crime that he didn’t commit and — even if he did — that’s a misdemeanor for which the statute of limitations has long since run out? And that the moment Trump and his lawyers begin to object a gag order is slapped on him which — conveniently — prevents him from having a presidential campaign?

I told you the tyrants occupying our government and culture are capable of ANYTHING. If anything surprises or shocks you, then you’re not paying attention or you’re living in a state of denial. This is going to get much, much worse — not just for Trump, but for anyone who doesn’t want to toe the line in the most psychotic dictatorship to spring up since Maoist China in the 1950s and 1960s.

It CAN happen here and it’s happening now. In America. Who knew?



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