The Surreal Experience of Marjorie Taylor Greene on 60 Minutes

The 60 Minutes interview with Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was interesting, especially the first two-thirds. Greene is a strong person, for sure.

It was a surreal experience even to be watching 60 Minutes at all. The last time I did so? Probably 1992, or so. Wow. The corporate media is as bad as you think. Smug. Dishonest. Pretentious. Demeaning. Patronizing. Almost unimaginably nonobjective while playing the part of objective. They play for their audience while pretending to address everyone. Stalin, Hitler, Castro — none of them could have dreamed of a propaganda machine this loyal and dedicated. But Hitler’s propagandists did so at gunpoint. Today’s corporate media gets paid billions. Ask yourself which one is morally worse.

I don’t agree with Greene that America is a Christian nation. I don’t believe America is a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, an atheist nation — or an anti-Christian nation, either. America was supposed to be a free country; that’s all. Yet I don’t think she disagrees. I think people like her are simply trying to say that Christianity matters to them. It’s on the verge of being outlawed in America, along with just about everything else leftists dislike or loathe.

I agreed with her essentially on everything else. Her reasons for staying out of the Ukraine war were rather weak, at least in the final edits (who knows the totality of what she said)? However, her comment that “Ukraine is not the 51st State” was pretty memorable. She failed to challenge Stahl’s insistence that America has a moral obligation to help out any country that’s invaded. Why? I completely agree with her that America has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. She didn’t backtrack on her position to defund the FBI; this caused me to cheer. She stated clearly and bravely that sexualizing children is something that child molesters do. Interviewer Leslie Stahl gasped. Well, isn’t sexualizing children what child molesters do? Even if respecting (while not understanding or agreeing with) an adult’s right to say his biological gender is not his real gender, what possible moral (or legal) basis can one have for altering the identity and biology of children before they reach the age of consent? It’s madness.

But madness is the rule of the day. And this interview just reinforced for me how utterly irreconcilable the differences between our ruling regime and rational people actually are. You can tell the smug Leslie Stahl has made up her mind. And so have millions of us on the other side.



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