“Just Get Him”

If YOU were a Soros leftist Communist, your reasoning would be as follows:

“Get Trump. It doesn’t matter on what. Nobody on our side will question your means of getting him — so long as you get him. Nobody on the Establishment Republican side (McConnell, Romney, probably most Republicans) will question you either. Not beyond what’s needed to whip up their base and get them more money.

The Trump supporters and a handful of marginal, principled people will question you. But they can’t lift a finger to stop you. We’ve got the judicial system; certainly in the jurisdictions where Trump will be criminally charged. We know from election 2020 the Supreme Court will NEVER take us on. We will override anyone legally who challenges us. And they won’t get violent. Trump supporters aren’t violent. OUR side is. We’re not afraid to use force, and we’ll nuke them if we have to. They’ll just turn the other cheek. So we’ve got them.

All that matters is that you GET him. Because once you’ve got HIM, you’ve got everyone. And you’ll rule the world.”

This would be your reasoning. IF you were a sociopathic, deranged, amoral thug. And unless something changes — drastically, and fast — the outcome is easy to predict.

They win; we lose. Not because they’re better or stronger. But because we won’t fight like they do.



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