Sociopaths Are Fear-Ridden — But Still Dangerous

The sociopathic dictators in charge of America’s regime are afraid of Trump. They control EVERYTHING–media, election counts, culture, schools, social media–yet they are still afraid of Trump (and, by extension, his supporters). This reveals the inherent weakness of criminals. They are at war with reality and facts. They are at war with truth and justice. They are dangerous, not because of their competence, but because of their desperation.

Too many decent patriots, conservatives and others sense the truth of what I just wrote. But then they err in assuming this will all resolve itself. They simply cannot believe that dangerous fools like the tyrants in D.C. and New York can really get away with anything. That’s a terrible mistake. If you leave criminals free to do their thing, they WILL do their thing, despite their inherent weakness.

You don’t fight totalitarian terrorists with outrage and talk radio alone. Those things will at some point be completely censored anyway. Because Trump’s arrest and impending prosecution is NOT just about Trump. Not at all.



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