A Weaponized Judicial System is No Longer a Judicial System

Once the judicial system of a country is openly politicized and weaponized, IT IS NO LONGER A JUDICIAL SYSTEM.

The same applies to a federal, politicized police force. The FBI and the DOJ are no longer about fighting actual criminals. The FBI and DOJ exist to punish enemies of the State. Enemies of the State include anyone who criticizes it — starting first and foremost with Donald Trump.

Former Director of National Intelligence and U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell:

“They’ve unleashed political prosecutions like a Third World dictatorship. I fear what this will mean going forward.”

He gets it. Things are too far gone to be reclaimed. The Bidenistas and Commie, Soros-appointed scum who are already unleashing violent criminals on New York City of course wish to imprison people who oppose them the loudest.

Our “justice system” has metastasized into the sociopolitical equivalent of incurable cancer.

You can’t do business with people like Nancy Pelosi who say they can accuse you of anything they wish, without evidence, and then declare you must prove your innocence.



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