In Post America America, National Elections No Longer Matter

Blue states will NEVER clean up their voting acts, and this probably ensures they will remain blue states forever. Some red states will gradually turn purple or blue over time. Texas conceivably could; Virginia just about has (despite the last election, which very much went against the trend); Georgia is for all practical purposes blue; I think we can say Pennsylvania is now officially blue, not purple. I don’t foresee any blue state ever turning red because the rigged voting in the blue states ensures that will never happen. But even if no presently red state turns blue ever (unlikely), the formula that worked in 2020 and 2022 will work again on the national level.

Unclean voting in all blue states means a Democrat win for the presidency forever, Democrat control of the Senate probably forever and occasional paper thin majorities for Republicans in the House, which will eventually turn blue. So if you’re interested in an alternative to the nightmare of Communism, unchecked green fanaticism and the censorship and gun confiscation so characteristic of fascism, total politicization and weaponization of the federal judiciary and agencies (virtually completed), then you had better look for alternatives to elections as we used to know them. Dems and leftists have got control. That’s why I’m looking toward some kind of decentralization, secession, etc. If you don’t like that idea, feel free to propose something different. But you won’t convince me that elections on the national level matter much any longer in the USA.



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