Biden: The Metaphysical Cold Sore

I think we’re somehow in the middle of something darker than the fall of the Roman Empire. So much love, joy and beauty in the world. And then the depravity of the culture. The almost unimaginable corruption and ridiculous stupidity of our government. The contrast–there’s something so unspeakably monstrous and sinister about it. Look at the unprecedented technological and material wonders of our time.

Look at what capitalism, ancient Greece, Aristotle, and centuries of the Constitution and capitalism gave us. And then there’s…Joe Biden. What a metaphysical cold sore. And the trannies running the Navy. And AOC. And BLM. And the hysterical, darkly hilarious response to the flu. The spectacular horror of greatness merged with imbecilic mediocrity. Who could have done this to us? Or did we do it to ourselves?



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