Who in the Hell Prefers Soviet America to Trump’s America??

President Donald Trump, from a Newsmax interview:

“I don’t think there’s anything [Biden’s] doing well on. People have asked me which is the worst aspect of the Biden administration. Everything.

“The economy is no good. Inflation’s no good. The border’s no good. The military, he’s made it woke and made it weak.

“Afghanistan was the most embarrassing day or period in the history of our country. Every single thing.”

The progressive leash had Biden unwinding the Trump administration achievement of energy independence, Trump lamented to host Rob Schmitt.”We were energy independent; now, we’re begging Venezuela and other countries for energy,” Trump said incredulously. “Can you image? Venezuela. We’re begging Venezuela for energy. No, there’s not one thing that he’s done that turned out well.”

Most dangerously, and related to “really stupid energy policy,” the world is on the brink of World War III because of Biden’s weakness, Trump warned.

“The war’s a disaster, would have never happened if I was president,” Trump continued to NEWSMAX host Rob Schmitt. “If you look at the war with Russia going into Ukraine, that would never have happened, Rob, if I were president. If I was president, that was unthinkable.”

He’s absolutely right on every point. It doesn’t matter if it’s bragging; it’s still TRUE.

I am SICK of people complaining about Trump’s presidency — whether from a leftist or right wing point-of-view — when they offer nothing constructive as an alternative. Biden is a drooling idiot, but worse than that: His policies are destroying the country. His policies are bringing us nothing but ruin. And no matter who replaces Biden, the same policies of any other DemCom will also bring us ruin.

Republicans who pine for anyone but Trump don’t focus on all the good that happened during his time of office compared to the nothing-but-bad that has happened since. The worst things Trump did were go along with COVID and Fauci in the early months of the scamdemic, and not to challenge the election fraud more aggressively — although it’s admittedly hard to see how he could control all of that.

If we stopped fighting about Donald Trump’s personality and instead started to focus on WHAT WORKS and WHAT’S RIGHT — then maybe we’d get somewhere. But almost nobody seems willing to do that.

My solution: Let’s return to Trump’s policies and TRIPLE DOWN on them: Three times the tax cuts; three times the regulatory cuts; privatize public schools and universities, putting wokesters out of business; fire every single woke military general and top brass and replace them with actual soldiers; and defund most of the federal government starting with the FDA, the CDC, the FBI, the DEA, BATF and the EPA.

On the Titantic, the band played on as the ship went down. As the much bigger ship of America and Western civilization sinks, we don’t even have a band. We have a bunch of screaming, woke sociopathic snowflakes and a larger group of people afraid even to criticize them.

What an ignominious ending to a great civilization, if we let it go.



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