Are Drag Queen Story Hours Basic Education — or Adult Entertainment?

A recent article in The Guardian (3-23-23) takes it for granted that any/all opposition to drag queen education classes, or taking young children to drag shows, stems from ignorance and hatred of gay people. The article is so full of unsubstantiated premises, flawed if not dishonest logic and unrestrained prejudice and hostility toward opposing views that it’s hard to know where to begin.

First of all: The authors of the article lump together gay people and drag queens. Some gay people have no use for drag shows or maybe just tolerate them; other gay people enjoy them, as definitely adult entertainment. And others, who live their lives as professional gay activists or what I call “professional gay people”, view any criticism of drag queens as equivalent to a violent attack on their identity (they do the same with the transgender issue). So they’ve confused their sexual orientation with drag queens — not the same thing — and, like other extreme leftists, they view dissension or disagreement with their views as the equivalent of a physical attack (this is actually derangement).

I suspect that as recently as 5 years ago if you surveyed a bunch of Democrat gay men or women, in any leftist-leaning city or community, and if you could get a candid answer, you’d hear a majority of the gay persons say, “Well, of course, drag shows might not be harmful to a young child, but they are adult entertainment and it’s really for after the kid’s bedtime.” A majority might even say so now, if speaking candidly.

Gay activists and far leftists are trying to turn this into a wedge issue (Maoist style), pitting gay people against straight people with the litmus test of “well, either you support drag shows for kids, or you’re against gay people.”

Additionally, they’re evading the issue that the “far right” opposition mainly happens when parents are forced to send (or at least pay for) their children to government-financed schools where drag shows are part of the curriculum (as well as other strictly adult topics).

The burden, logically speaking, is on the activists to defend the policy of indoctrinating children not just with the mere fact that gay and lesbian people exist, but rather exposing them to any and all things (including adult entertainment, porn, whatever is relevant) that adults are exposed to — on the taxpayer dime, no less. Instead they turn around and simply say, “Well, either you agree with this, or you hate gay people.” And then you’re guilty of hate speech, hate crimes, and all the rest.

Keep in mind that activists aren’t just offering an opinion that it’s OK for parents to teach their kids about drag shows. They’ve gone so far as to impose their view — by force — on parents. Noncompliance will not be an option. Just like masks, vaccines and soon-to-be-outlawed gas vehicles and stoves are not optional, either. It’s not children that leftist activists are trying to liberate; it’s parents they’re trying to enslave.

See a pattern yet?



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