These are the Times that Crush Men’s Souls

Here’s the thing: The sociopaths and criminals are in charge of the judicial system. At least at the top, where it ultimately counts. Trump cannot stay free in such a situation. He will be arrested, tried and convicted for his virtues (not his vices). With Trump will go what’s left of the Bill of Rights, which — in terms of practice — has become pretty nominal anyway.

Unless the entire military turns on the sociopaths who command them (both in the civilian and military sectors, at the top), which will not happen, I don’t think, then there’s no hope other than a clean sweep election. But we had something like that in 2016, and look how far it got us. The RINOs became even more entrenched and joined the other side, and Trump was left out to hang and dry.

These are not merely the times that try men’s souls; these are the times that CRUSH men’s souls, especially when so many of us remain passive and helpless, worried about offending our leftist friends or relatives who actually support the sociopaths in everything they’re doing (and worse to come).



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