Savages & Tyrants are Always Afraid

Savages and tyrants are always afraid. They see danger around every corner. In the case of tyrants, it’s a combination of projection and irrationality. Tyrants, while evil, also try to do the impossible: control everything and everyone. On some level, they probably know they can’t do this. It’s simply not possible. But their struggle NOT to know this comes out in all the terrible things they do. It’s almost as if by destroying people they can somehow feed their delusion that they CAN control everything and everyone.

Today’s tyrants — the rotten sociopaths and psychopaths in charge of our government and dominating our culture — are no different. They THINK they’re unique, special and sophisticated — but human history has seen their kind before. Many, many times.

If they’re reluctant to arrest Trump, it’s not because of an attack of justice or honesty. They’re afraid — if they are — only because they fear the wrath they will unleash. I can’t imagine why they’d expect such a thing. They KNOW there was no widespread violence on January 6; that there was nothing close to an insurrection. So why fear one now? There’s no rational answer to that question. Tyrants are afraid because they’re evil and crazy. They can’t help but view others as evil and crazy, because they have no concept of anything else.



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