We Are an Occupied Country

If the U.S. had lost World War II to either Hitler or the Japanese, the former American government in the 1940s would have become occupied by Nazis or Japanese imperialists (or both). A brilliantly produced show called “Man in the High Castle” dramatized this scenario a few years back. The plot of the show was otherwise largely incoherent, but the operating premise of a 1960s America (split in two) run by Japanese and German dictators (including an aging Hitler) was chilling and surreal. One had a sense, “This MIGHT have happened.”

Since 2020 and early 2021, that surreal dramatization has become reality. We are living in an occupied country that does not seem anything like America–not even the dysfunctional yet still highly worthwhile America we knew in recent decades, making a brief yet memorable comeback in the Trump years. Vax mandates, lockdowns resembling martial law, election returns shut down at 2 am and restarted the next day with a different winner…and now a recent ex-President arrested just in time to prevent him from running again.

We’re living under an occupation–a bizarre, twisted, darkly comedic one that not even the greatest creative minds could have precisely predicted.



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