Such a Great Time to be a Tyrant!

I would say that George Soros has almost single-handedly destroyed America by putting district attorneys throughout the U.S. openly committed to our destruction. But so many others are committed to our destruction that Soros need not take all the credit.

To uphold the Constitution, you will have to openly disobey the authorities who have seized control of America. To be law-abiding, you will have to break the law. Welcome to life under a one-party dictatorship. Does secession seem so bad now? America is not a republic. It’s an occupation. No different than if the Nazis or Japanese had won back in the 1940s.

Trump never arrested Obama, Hillary & the Bidens when he had the chance. Look what it got us. Criminals at the controls.

Pacifism does not work. You fight force with force. Criminals and sociopaths will never back down, unless forcibly stopped.

It won’t end with Trump. The war is against dissenters. If Trump goes down, the entire Bill of Rights goes with him.

It’s such a great time to be a tyrant!

Remember: A government big enough to jail an ex-President for political differences is bad enough to put you into a prison camp. Or worse.



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