Will Donald Trump Be Doing the Perp Walk This Week?

“Trump says he expects to be arrested Tuesday as New York law enforcement prepares for possible indictment”, both CNN and Newsmax are reporting.

Regardless of former President Donald Trump’s arrest for a “hypercreative” prosecution, Democrats leading this charge will not stop him from running for president, according to legal expert Alan Dershowitz on Newsmax.

“They’re going to want to make this political circus; in the end, it will help Trump politically,” Dershowitz told “America Right Now.” “And remember that it doesn’t matter if he’s indicted or even convicted or even in prison: He can still run for president and serve as president.

“The state can’t stop it and the Legislature can’t stop it. It’s in the Constitution.”

Since when do DemComs care about the Constitution? They no longer appear even to care for the appearance of following the Constitution.

If Donald Trump is arrested and indicted, I can only say: I told you so. I predicted it back in early 2021.

Leftists are capable of absolutely anything. They keep stretching the boundaries further and further and further. Like a small child watching to see a parent’s reaction when he’s about to do something wrong, totalitarians in government, courts and media — especially in places like New York state where it appears Trump will be indicted and arrested — will stop at nothing to experience the feeling of power for power’s sake.

You’d have to know leftists to understand the depth and magnitude of loathing they have for all things that are not themselves. To them, Trump is the ultimate — almost messianic-like — figure of representation of all that they hate. If you’re not Green; if you’re not a Believer in the COVID Narrative; if you believe in limited government; if you believe in the Second Amendment; if you believe in individual rights, the Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution or ANYTHING at all that they don’t believe in — they loathe you beyond anything words can convey.

This is why they want Donald Trump, a former U.S. President, indicted and forced on a perp walk. It will be their ultimate triumph of venting their hatred against all whom they hate — and believe me, these people HATE.

I don’t know for sure what will happen this week. But I fully expect an arrest of Donald Trump to happen, and I have for two years.

We’re living under a dictatorship. Under dictatorships, the ruling regime cannot lose power (DemComs are not going anywhere without violence), and previous opponents who could legitimately attain power (if we still had reliable elections) must be imprisoned.

All of this was predictable. If you are shocked or surprised, then you — my friends — are part of the problem!



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