The Rise and Fall of Psychiatry

People don’t understand: The psychiatric profession is an industry. There’s absolutely nothing morally wrong with being an industry. Industry refers to free enterprise. Enterprise is a trade — value for value. But what happens when the thing being sold is a bunch of baloney? Hot air? Or even toxic?

This video goes a long way toward naming the fundamental problems with the very nature of psychiatry as we know it:

Diagnosis isn’t based on anything objective; it’s just a feeling (at best) of the diagnosing professional.

Mental disorders aren’t determined, for the most part, by evidence or research; they’re determined by vote. Votes which, in turn, are determined by politics — the internal politics of the American Psychiatric Association, the wider culture, or both.

Psychiatric drugs are not held to the same accountability as other drugs. People are desperate for some kind of help or relief, and they want to believe drugs will help them — even though in most cases, they don’t; and in some cases, they make things worse.

So many, many things in our society, our culture, our government-run schools and elsewhere are completely, horrifically insane — is it any wonder that people “act out” with alleged mental disorders as they do? Is it any wonder they feel depressed or anxious, given the brainwashing stupidity to which they’re exposed every single moment of their lives, in the media and elsewhere?

A brilliant analogy (apparently true) is offered in this video, of the slave in 19th century America trying to flee. Apologists for slavery came up with a label for a mental disorder applied to slaves who wished to escape to freedom.

The lesson there? “Mental disorder” is usually in the eye of the beholder. Reality and facts are objective, but the people developing and using the mental health labels … well, not so much.

The human mind and human individuals surely might need professional help at times. But NOT this kind. Not established “psychiatric help” as we know it.


Watch the video here:


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