The War Against American Communism

Old school Commies:

“It’s not your $$. It belongs to the people.”

21st Century Commies:

“It’s not your $$. But my $$ is mine.”


Why do people feel a need to be SEEN supporting leftists, even though they know virtually all leftism is stupid and destructive?


“My idea of American policy toward the Soviet Union is simple, and some would say simplistic,” Ronald Reagan said in 1977. “It is this: We win and they lose.”

Ditto for our policy towards today’s American Marxists, the ones presently occupying our government: Total defeat and removal from power for good. Nothing less is going to work. You don’t negotiate with cancer, and you rarely contain it. You eliminate it.

Until people who supposedly oppose today’s Marxists accept this, we will continue to lose and lose and lose.


Do elite, smug lefties with battery-powered Teslas sit around and wait to charge their cars at charging stations?


Walmart is shutting down all its stores in Portland, Oregon. The city simply refuses to enforce laws against theft. This isn’t just Portland. It’s all blue cities and like a cancer it’s going to spread. On our present course, it’s all of America’s future because far left insanity has a lock on our federal agencies and courts, who (once 100 percent Democratic like Portland and California), will override the policies of rational red states–unless those states exit our rotten republic. Tough choices ahead, people.


“Don’t make peace with evil — destroy it.” (Matt Walsh, 2023)

I am all in.



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