What if Jeffrey Dahmer Took Over America? (Hint: It Would Be the Way It Is Now)

Watching the very well done Jeffrey Dahmer series on Netflix (the “Monster” show and the tapes) has some people asking: What if the Milwaukee police had stopped him sooner?

Here’s another question: What if people with Jeffrey Dahmer’s narcissism and capacity for evil were not merely allowed freedom, but given power and control over American medicine, corporations, the currency, the police, the military, media communications and energy supplies? With little or no accountability?

Hint: Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, the entire Biden regime and just about everyone else in a position of authority and power today. We are living in Dahmer’s world. He was finally arrested and stopped. When will these sociopathic control freaks be stopped?

By the way: A person can be both insane AND evil. Even Dahmer himself appeared to recognize this, before being talked into pleading insanity.




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