Increasingly, Conservatives are the Problem

My questions to the millions of conservatives with their heads in the sand:

1) What makes you think that 2024, with continued mail-in voting in swing states, will result in a different outcome for Trump, DeSantis or any other Republican candidate for President?

2) If the Republicans again lose in 2024, under questionable circumstances, what strategy will you reccomend then?

3) If you don’t think secession by red states/red cities/red portions of blue states from the Democratic-RINO regime/machine is feasible or desirable, then how do propose enforcement of individual rights as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights?

4) Do you think once Democrats and RINOs once again have control of the Supreme Court (once Clarence Thomas is gone), as well as the federal courts (once Biden appointments outnumber Trump’s), do you think Democrats in power will begin to act according to the principles of the Constitution in ways they do not now? What will cause them to improve when they have even more power?



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