Soros and the Propaganda Media Now Claim “Climate Change” an “Emergency”

I read on MSN just now that George Soros has said that climate change now qualifies as an imminent emergency, more than just a crisis. As usual, who knows what’s really said by whom, what’s true and what’s false. But the fact that leftist propaganda houses WANT this spread is revealing. Back in March 2020, I predicted that the COVID fascism about to ensue was just a dress rehearsal for the real deal–green fascism. And now the plate is being set for that very green fascism by bringing out the big guns–Soros–to say we have to start treating “climate change” as a dire, immediate threat just like we treated the flu as an immediate, Stephen King novel type of threat.

We see how well that all worked out. But really–can you blame the leftists for trying? Do they really have any reason to think they won’t get sheep-like compliance with green fascism just like they did with medical fascism–at least if they wage a competent enough campaign through the propaganda media?



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