Why Leftists Always Bring Up Politics

Have you noticed how leftists always bring up politics? And they always bring it up in a way that presumes you agree with them, and that everyone who doesn’t agree is a fool? It’s a pitiful bid for validation. It smacks of, “Of course I am right, and of course you’ll agree with me. Won’t you? Please? You better!”

These are the appeals, disguised as confidence or even arrogance, of people incredibly insecure about their own views. It also describes the behavior of oppressed minorities, who must always conceal their views, and who now, for one rare moment, feel relieved at any opportunity to express them. What a joke! Leftism is THE prevailing and official narrative and Doctrine of our culture. It may not be a majority view, but it is the ONLY view socially and (increasingly) legally permissible to express.

In such a context, how could any leftist ever feel insecure, or in a minority? Unless he or she knows, on some level, that he or she is just as wrong as can be.

How incredibly sad, insane — and unnecessary — that our values, our integrity, our civilization, our liberty and our rationality must all be sacrificed for the sake of these pitifully neurotic, metaphysically lost leftists who dominate our government and our culture.



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