Self-Delusion Won’t Accomplish Anything

Why can’t criminal negligence apply to a President?

Of course, my question is rhetorical. There is ZERO chance of any leftist Democratic president being indicted, impeached or being held accountable in any way, unless he offends someone within the Party. But in our federal government, there is, from now on, only one Party. That’s why freedom loving states and localities simply have to secede from the negligent, dangerous monstrosity we permitted our federal government, over generations, to become.

The biggest problem, right now, are conservatives. They fantasize that Donald Trump will rise again, and sweep into office in a self-evidently rigged electoral college. Or that Ron DeSantis will do the same. We are past all that. There is no American republic. It’s over. It has been falling apart for a long time. Obama was able to kill it because it was so weak. And Joe Biden is simply the cashing in, the clown installed as a puppet as if to mock Americans for the negligence THEY and earlier generations have shown the legacy of freedom left to them.

There is no more American republic. Get used to it. It’s a nasty oligarchy with the potential to become the world’s most dangerous dictatorship. There’s a pretense of “rule of law”, which is supposed to be objective. But the truth is obvious: If you’re loyal to the Party, and if the Party likes you, then you can get away with absolutely anything; if you’re disloyal to the Party, you’re toast.

Forget the federal government of the U.S. as any meaningful source of justice, truth, rationality or credibility. There’s only your state (if your state government is not leftist), your locality (if you’re in a nonleftist city), and — most of all — yourself. In the challenging times ahead, it’s every man for himself. Deny that all you wish, until you can’t anymore.

I am saying all this not to depress anyone, but in hopes that the truth will set us free. Because pretending that reality is other than what it is — with the facts overwhelmingly staring you in the face — is no path to freedom.

Self-delusion will not accomplish anything.


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