The Sorry Saga of Biden and the Chinese Spy Balloon

How can we go to war with China when the puppet “running” our government is on their payroll?

“How could Biden be so stupid? First he won’t shoot down the spy balloon, then after it went across the country he shot it down.”

Get real! Biden didn’t DO anything. Biden is a demented fool, and a puppet. He probably doesn’t even know what happened. The bizarre inconsistency of the last several days is what happens when a small cabal of people runs things, rather than a single commander in chief, like a Washington, a Lincoln, a Truman or a Reagan.

Our media probably doesn’t know what really happened and would not report on it if it did. Our media consists of not very smart airheads who are shills for an unelected (or worse yet, authentically elected) regime hellbent on destroying what’s left of America.



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