Republicans Must Get MORE Extreme than Trump — Not Less

People say the Republicans must move away from being “extreme”. B.S.! Extreme means consistent. There’s good consistency as well as bad. Hitler was bad consistency. So was Stalin. So are Iranian totalitarian mullahs. America’s founders were GOOD consistency. The Bill of Rights was a gloriously extreme document for its time. It still is.

By the way, what about the Democrats? They are now undiluted extremists. There are no moderate Democrats. Were it not for a few Trump appointees on federal courts, we would all have federal agents at our homes jabbing us with medical experiments. Emergency orders remain in permanent effect in blue states, meaning dictatorship at any time. They plan to take our gas stoves and gas cars, even if it means killing us. The FBI raids the homes of Republicans, not Democrats. People are forced to pay the huge tuition bills of strangers. Government is debasing our currency through hyperinflationary spending. The borders are completely open, and immigrants are made permanent wards of the state at the expense of Americans who are citizens, and immigrants who entered legally. The military is a shambles and the commander in chief is afraid to shoot down an enemy spy balloon. Why does nobody criticize the extremism of the people in power who control the culture, the entire agenda and virtually the entire government?

You won’t beat the ruthlessly consistent Communism and fascism of today’s “Democrats” without something at least as strong from the opposite, pro-freedom direction. Donald Trump did not fail because he was too extreme; he failed because he wasn’t extreme enough. In fighting the evil and occupying forces destroying America and civilization itself, it’s time to get ruthless and serious.



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