Oregon Shows Us How the Future is Here

Rational, red states should secede from the Biden regime (and whatever horrific puppet state follows it).

Rational, red counties and cities should secede from blue state governments.

It has already started: “After 11 Oregon counties approved a preliminary vote to secede from the Democrat-led state, local leaders around the movement are explaining how the urban-rural divide has left them with no other choice.” [Fox Business]

Leftists are narcissistic sociopaths who thrive on power (plus other people’s money). Dissension and break up will make them insane. They are control freaks. Be ready to fight them. There is no other choice. At the national and local level, it’s either submit–or walk away. Morally and fiscally bankrupt regimes (at the state or national level) have nothing to offer decent people seeking to live what used to be called the American dream. They have rigged their elections, propagandized the schools, and propagandized the police and military.

If you can’t defund them–just walk away. Chaos and rebellion are GOOD things, in these times. Those in power are 100 percent rotten, and 100 percent wrong about literally everything.



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