Time to Accept: It’s Over

The only things holding individuals and states to the U.S. federal government are entitlement programs and the military. Entitlement programs are horrific ripoffs that will soon be bankrupted by indiscriminate mass immigration. The military is now a corrupt, woke, neo-Maoist organization that has weeded out the most independent and patriotic soldiers via a vax mandate that’s too late to reverse. These poor soldiers who think they’re defending the Constitution and Bill of Rights are actually used as mercenaries to fatten the bank accounts of the Biden crime family (e.g., with the endless, pointless Ukraine war) and the rest of the bipartisan bought-and-sold monstrosity that now occupies the city founded by great liberty-loving patriots of the past.

What am I missing? Why should a functional state, like Florida or one of the many other red states doing well economically and respecting individual rights WAY more than places like NY or CA, remain under the yoke of a nasty, morally and fiscally corrupt oligarchy that rigs its elections and increasingly resembles a grotesque hybrid of fascism, Nazism and Communism? With the green and medical mandates to boot?

What does the federal government of the former American republic DO for us, other than cost us? Mentally and economically.



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