Sadly, Removing Omar from House Intelligence Committee No Panacea

My Tweet on 2-2-23 in response to Republican Nancy Mace’s (R-SC) change of mind on removing Ilhan Omar (D-MN) from a key House of Representatives committee:

“Thank you @RepNancyMace for seeing the light, changing your mind and voting NOT to let an anti-Semitic, anti-American terrorist sit on the House intelligence committee. I hope redistricting in South Carolina allows me the opportunity to vote for you in the future.”

A reader of mine on Facebook: “Being a Minnesotan I fear that this will just feed the monster that is the socialists here and guarantee her next election. She doesn’t belong being part of that committee but that won’t stop the fools that elected her in the first place.”

My reply: That’s the broader issue. Our federal government is becoming a gigantic monster. This evil figure would never have had a prayer in the most leftist of governments 50, 20 or probably even 10 years ago in America. Increasingly, the only solution will be for states, localities and ultimately individuals to flee and/or fight the tyranny that the former American government has become. America’s federal government is no longer just dysfunctional or contradictory, but reformable. The very presence of someone like Omar — an open enemy of America, an open Jew hater along the lines of Hitler — in our government shows how far gone we are.



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