Stop Arguing Over DeSantis vs. Trump — It Doesn’t Matter!

I hear people saying that because Trump lost in 2020, only DeSantis can beat the Communists in 2024. The faulty premise here is that we know for sure that Trump lost in 2020. NONE of the substantial evidence for fraud has been addressed anywhere in media, courts or government.

This isn’t about Trump vs. DeSantis. Personally, I would gladly take either. It’s about whether you can even hold an election when the people in charge of it are fraudsters and tyrants who merely want the pretense they hold office by the will of the people. Not that even the will of an authentic majority would excuse anything these monsters are doing.

A reader replies to me on Facebook:

Yes!!! Thank you!!! We must address the security of elections because does anyone honestly think they’re going to let DeSantis win?? Come on! No way!! Trump DID win!! Kari Lake just won too and the only reason Ron won in Florida was because he secured the heck out of our electoral system after 2020.

My reply to the reader:

I wonder if DeSantis is too smart to run. Why not create a republic of Florida, combine with Texas and other states to take on the psychopaths in D.C.? Just secede from the whole rotten mess.



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