The Biden Regime is Accountable to NOBODY

I can hardly listen to conservative talk radio any longer. It’s too painful. They play right into our tyrants’ hands — unknowingly, because these are mostly good people. They talk about how Biden and his “administration” officials are going to be “held to task” and “held accountable” and will have to answer for all the illegal inconsistencies, violations and contradictions involved with the DOJ and FBI raid on Trump and — more generally — on the Bill of Rights and due process themselves.

“Held accountable” — to whom? The DOJ and the FBI are clearly, openly and almost proudly political organizations. They do not represent any rule of law. They do not represent “the American people.” They represent only themselves — and The Party. That’s it. They will NOT be held accountable — not ever — because there is nobody to hold them accountable. Donald Trump was head of the executive branch including the DOJ and FBI for 4 full years — and it had ZERO impact on the corruption. This shows not that Trump was a weak and ineffective executive (he was no such thing); it shows the level of corruption was way, way beyond what anyone — including Trump himself — ever claimed.

Now the mask is off. We have stirred up the hornets’ nest and we’re facing the surge of nasty wasps ready to sting, and most of us don’t have any protection. The protection, of course, is the Bill of Rights, which conservatives fantasize is still in operation. But it’s only there as a theoretical abstraction. It has no reality. It has no force of law.

That’s why it’s time to figure out Plan B. The Constitution and the American republic, as we knew them — or in more recent years, as we thought we knew them — are dead. We have to figure out a way to start over, without engaging in the self-delusion that there are good people still able and willing to enforce the individual rights that once made America unique among nations.

I don’t see a pretty alternative here. It’s either the unremitting, unyielding tyranny of The Party; or it’s secession. I realize secession might be followed by a civil war, and probably will be. But what’s the alternative? Submit to a woke, green, medically fascist, economically Communist, culturally psychopathological regime that upholds NO rights for anyone, other than for themselves?

So pick your poison. But stop pretending that this isn’t your choice.

My take is this: We need a republic like America’s founders started. But it takes a decent and moral people to sustain that republic. The evidence suggests that at least a plurality of Americans are no longer good people. We’ll be able to put that to the test when the regime in power goes all the way — not just arresting Trump (which they will) but in starting to round up, arrest and otherwise harass (IRS agents, for example) people who don’t comply with The State as they like. At this point, it will only be the governments of red states who can be appealed to, for some form of resistance. If you’re in a deep blue state, once the s**t hits the fan at the federal level (and that’s already starting), then you’re going to have even bigger problems if you don’t support The Party.



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