What Would a Second Civil War in America Look Like?

So, given a new civil war, what would motivate the left? First, leftists believe they too are fighting to protect America and make it a better country. Regardless of what you may think, millions of people believe in the cause we call socialism. They hear how President Biden vilified the right as MAGA extremists and the greatest threat to our democracy (although America is a republic). They think we are homophobes because we go to church and that we hate women because we are pro-life. His speech served no other purpose (in my mind) than to prepare the left for the extreme measures Biden plans to take against the great MAGA threat at some point very soon.

Don’t let anyone fool you, and don’t fool yourself. Leftists will be tough opponents. They will receive good modern military training and equipment. Even as our current national army steadily shifts “wokeward,” its abilities and toughness will not decrease simply because it is woke (as I have heard so many amateurs boldly state).

They will learn the same tactics, strong command and control techniques, efficient logistical support processes, and everything else a first-rate modern army has at its disposal. They will not be a bunch of weakling soy-boys and gender-neutral fools. They will fly the American flag whether we like it or not. Maybe the right will fly the Betsy Ross as a symbol of the original Founders and the original interpretation of the U.S. Constitution — the same “interpreted” document the left will be fighting for.

Those sincerely conservative troops still serving in our woke military will likely have to choose whether to stay in place or to switch to the rebellious army of the right. They will likely bring whatever weapons and equipment they can, and perhaps entire National Guard or Reserve units will switch sides as well.

Regardless of what exactly happens, both sides will be well equipped, highly motivated, and very deadly. It will not be a quick war. It will unleash misery and violence much as we saw during the Balkan War in the early 1990s. Very old people, women, and young children will suffer the worst of it.

from The American Thinker 9/6/22



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