Queen Elizabeth

We live in such an undignified, willfully stupid, savagely life-hating era. Images of grace and calmness do not fit with the twisted and mangled culture we have allowed ourselves to become.

Royalty is imperfect. But next to the spectacles of today, it seems like paradise.

Elizabeth’s imbecile successors will blow it, and she will be the last of the line.

Whatever you think of British royalty, she had quite a life, and quite a lifespan. In her time, we (the West) fought for freedom and then willingly surrendered it. She knew and was part of the generations that fought and defeated fascism and Communism — and lived to see the next generation (our present one) succumb to them. THAT’S what makes me sad when I think of her passing.

Royalty is NOT justified, politically speaking. Nobody is entitled to be subsidized by taxpayers/subjects to live (literally) like a King. But our culture is so sad, so trashy and so horrible that some people look to the now toothless royalty for any sense of grace or dignity. Charles and his hapless, woke successors will not even be able to provide that. Elizabeth II did.

Note: On social media, I received a lot of intelligent responses to the above post. I also received two categories of STUPID responses. One category of stupid response: “How dare you question the Queen. How dare you challenge the royal family; SHE gave birth to Charles and how DARE you insult him?” The second category of stupid response: “How dare you say something positive about royalty. If you’re a TRUE advocate of individual rights, you hate royalty.”

If these stupid responses did not come from plainly stupid people, I would simply refer them back to what I wrote. Clearly, that would not help.

God save the Queen.

God save us!



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