What if There is no Tipping Point?

Watching America under the tyrannical “Bidenistas” — especially that grotesque speech of his yesterday — is not unlike watching domestic violence unfold in a dysfunctional, toxic marriage or family. We keep thinking, “When will they have had enough? THIS will be the tipping point…No, not this. Well, maybe the next thing.”

Two months ago, most would have said, “The FBI raiding Mar-a-Lago to prevent Trump from being able to run for President again … well, THAT will be the tipping point for sure.” That will be when the battered spouse leaves the misery. But now — no, most of us have absorbed that horror. We’re all getting so desensitized to the fact that overt tyranny really has arrived in America. It’s no longer Atlas Shrugged, 1984 or Animal Farm — it’s real, and it’s happening NOW.

Then Biden gives this speech on behalf of the ruthless cabal now occupying the government offices of the former American republic. He all but threatened imprisonment and torture on anyone who does not tow the now fully totalitarian line of the only Party (“Democrats” plus RINOs) we can ever expect to see in power again. A week ago, most would have said: “A speech like that from Biden — THAT will surely be the tipping point.” But no; we’re absorbing it, and moving on, waiting for the next chapter and hoping for the climactic ending when, in answer to our prayers, the good guys come in to rescue us all from this.

And yes, WHEN, not if, Trump gets hauled off to prison for whatever charges they are right at this moment coming up with, THAT will surely be the tipping point then, everyone says now. “Trump in an orange jump suit? No way! America will be on fire!” Based on what evidence, exactly …?

One of my favorite sayings is, “Nobody is coming to rescue you.” That’s because YOU are in charge of your destiny, and only YOU can be at the driver’s seat of your life. Nobody is going to engineer your rescue. Sure, we can help each other when desirable and possible, but that doesn’t mean someone else can drive your life — or steer you to freedom while you sit in the back seat, like “Driving Miss Daisy,” waiting to arrive at your destination.

Freedom does not work that way because life, and reality, do not work that way. Right now, too many of us are the perpetual victims, justifiably outraged by all the things happening, but still passive and irrationally hopeful that SOMEHOW it will all work out, in the end, without any active intervention on our own parts.

Good luck with that.



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