Complacency is Everywhere

Biden is basically telling not just Trump supporters, but ALL who dissent from the established, big government, eco-fascist, medical fascist, Communist policies of his regime: “We are coming for you. And YOU can’t do anything about it! We’re in control.”

Leftists who support these tyrant creeps are smug. “We’ve got you, and you can’t do anything about it.” They’re actually rooting for him — this is what you have to understand about strident leftists. They are truly no different than the people you think about in the lead-up to Hitler’s Nazi Germany regime, the people who supported it.

In their smugness, they think that the people who are disenfranchised, demoralized, threatened and intimidated will just go away. Most of these people are mad as hell; many are armed. Many will support secession and whatever else might be required — by default, if nothing else — in response to the growing, uninhibited totalitarianism now sweeping over what used to be the American republic. These smug authoritarians (for whom Biden speaks) act as if they expect opposition to go down without a fight. Get Trump behind bars, and then all will be well. They will have total power over all of us who disagree with them — forever.

In a way, who can blame them? Look at the last 2-3 years. How much serious opposition has there been, outside of Donald Trump, pretty much standing all alone? Look at the Mar-a-Lago raid, which they’re getting away with. You can expect worse smugness to come, because that’s how psychopaths, criminals and sociopaths act when they face absolutely NO serious opposition. At least not yet.

Today’s evil totalitarian toxic, psychotic leftist nutjobs are winning, in part, because they know the population they’re destroying — and they’re exploiting the best within that population. Most Americans are used to things making sense and being rational. We’re a consumer culture. Historically, we are a self-responsible culture. In large measure, we are still that today, or at least are living in the remnants of a world where things are supposed to make sense. We’re a highly technological society. We were built on capitalism, rugged individualism and private property. Free speech and the right to own a gun were a given, not to be questioned, not ever.

That’s how they get most of us. We expect things to make sense, even when they’re dysfunctional.

We EXPECT there to be a quick cure for COVID (not that COVID was ever a catastrophe). So they get most people to believe that the untested vaccine is an effective, desirable thing. How effective was it? Nobody wants to talk about it anymore. They’re moving on to bigger things, and will create much bigger catastrophes, on our present course.

We EXPECT there to be reasons for a policy. If they’re going to outlaw fossil fuels in under 10 years — well, that probably doesn’t make total sense, but they must have their reasons. We assume: “There probably IS climate change and outlawing fossil fuels probably IS necessary, at some point, if not that soon. They certainly wouldn’t advocate something that will kill millions of people, right? And if it would, well then, it won’t happen.”

Everything is going to be OK. Because in America, unlike anywhere else, it always was. THIS is magical thinking.
Americans are unable to grasp the nature of raw, undiluted evil, because most of us have never experienced it. Victims of crime or people who grew up in brazenly toxic households with abusive, predatory adults grasp it. But most do not, not in this society. We haven’t lived under most of the governments of history (past or present) who treat their subjects as objects to be used in service of the state, even (in the more extreme cases) if that means killing millions.

Tragically, most Americans do not yet grasp evil and irrationality on this organized a level. It seems like a nutjob conspiracy theory. And yet — it’s hard to deny that our civilization, our economy and the basic individual rights (due process, etc.) upon which we all count are being decimated right before our eyes. But somehow…well, that must be a TEMPORARY thing. It can’t really be THAT bad. Not in America. Let’s just hold out for the next election, or the next economic cycle … all will be well.

THIS is the attitude that’s destroying us all: Magical thinking. Or the psychology of complacency. The complacency of dissenting patriots feeds the smug, arrogant complacency of the tyranny so embodied by that malevolent speech of Biden’s the other day.

It’s magical thinking to assume that the laws of logic and human nature somehow do NOT apply in America. Future, rational historians will write about it, especially if the worst happens. Count on it.

The leftists Biden talks about ARE coming for you. And, they claim, there’s nothing you can do about it. So long as you believe and/or fear them, they will end up being right.




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