Heil, Moron!

How does it feel to be called a “semi-fascist” by an ACTUAL fascist?

When two parties have differences as vast and unyielding as we see in America today, either they part peacefully, or they go to war. This twisted leftist fascist puppet is demented and pitiful, but he is also, ironically, the face of uninhibited evil. Quite a paradox.

He and his supporters HATE you and are at war with you. Ignore the danger at your own peril. You may want peace, but his side wants war, and they are coming for you, one way or another.

As Bosch Fawstin writes of the Moron-in-Chief: “Vilifying all who oppose him. Utterly anti-American. And him yelling, along with that foreign stage design, is fitting as hell.”




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