Obama-Biden Politicized the Government & Destroyed America

It’s not a “Justice Department.” It’s a bunch of mobsters, tyrants and politicized police forces (think Gestapo, KGB) run amok; and the whole outcome involving Trump is rigged. The broader issue here: America is an occupied country. We are IN a civil war. The DemComs know it. Their victims — you and I — do not WANT to know it. The truth seems too awful to face, and the psyches of good people must absorb the horrifying truth incrementally. When they arrest Trump — and it’s GOING to happen — perhaps more patriots will wake up.

America, in all its history, was never occupied by its enemies, such as the Nazis, the imperial Japanese, or the Soviets. We always defeated them first. For the first time, our military and government apparatus is under the control of people openly hostile to our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our system of capitalism, and they stand ready to crush ALL of our freedom. Prayer and sentimental wishes will not save us. We are in a war and have been attacked as decisively as a 9/11 or a Pearl Harbor. The leftists who operate as “Democrats” are at least as bad and may ultimately prove worse than any of America’s prior enemies. Watch and judge this for yourself.



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