If You Support “Democrats”, Something is Truly Wrong With You

If you support “Democrats” you support hate, intolerance, envy, injustice, censorship, barbarism, stagnation and even starvation.

If you support these people, something is wrong with you. Not just in your thinking — but in your character. If you are part of the 35 percent or so (based on polls) of those who supposedly still support Biden, then either you’re on the government dole and feel like you’re set for life; or you have tons of money — perhaps earned, perhaps not — and you feel like you’re buffered against inflation, IRS agents, FBI raids and all the rest.

Either way, I consider you something akin to scum if you support not just Biden, but any of these people.

You don’t have to love Trump, and you don’t have to love Republicans.

But if you hate freedom then something is wrong with you. Capitalism refers to economic freedom. If you don’t support economic freedom, something is wrong with you. If you made money off of economic freedom, but now you don’t want others to have the same right, something is deeply wrong with you. If you are OK with censorship of people whose views you dislike, while you still expect freedom of thought and speech for yourself, something is deeply wrong with you. Morally.

You cannot support the out-in-the-open destruction of the greatest economy, the greatest republic and the greatest implementation of individual rights in the history of man … and still get to think of yourself as even a minimally decent person. I don’t buy it. You have access to alternate ideas. You have WAY more access to alternate forms of thinking than the people who supported Nazi Germany in its early days did. Yet you choose the obvious bad guys. That’s on you.

You cannot pretend it isn’t happening because it doesn’t affect you directly (yet), but hold yourself out as morally superior because you’re a “Democrat” which, in both theory and practice, now means a Communist-fascist hybrid.

You cannot stand by and not only watch this destruction — much less applaud it — without having reasonable people think of you as exactly what you are: moral scum.



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