Blue States Are Insurrectionist Dictatorships

Joe Biden’s home state — Delaware– is still in an official “state of emergency”, and has been for 2.5 years now. The “state of emergency” gives the Governor and his henchpersons practically unlimited power to shut down businesses; shut down churches or other politically unconnected enterprises; force people to wear masks; force people to get experimental vaccines; force people to stay inside; and whatever else his Excellency “deems” fitting and expedient for the advancement of his power.

The same is true in most other blue and purple states, I am sure. That means in Delaware, as in other left-wing, collectivist one-party states, people are at present living under a dictatorship. The Governor might not use all of his dictatorial powers, if he doesn’t feel like it. But he MAY use these unlimited, unchecked powers whenever he does feel like it. THAT is the definition of a dictatorship.

Even if you believe that emergency powers are legitimate, emergency powers ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TEMPORARY. In practice, they are now permanent. Not because someone has the flu, but because someone MIGHT get the flu. Because something MIGHT go wrong, we now give tyrants the unchecked authority to do whatever the hell they please.

Delaware is now in defiance of the U S. Bill of Rights. So are other states with permanent emergency orders.




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