Power Lusters Without Souls Who Want to Be President

They ALL want to be President. Most of them are “Democrats” or “Progressives”, but this horrible RINO, Liz Cheney, has implied SHE might run for President too.

The whole thing is based on a faulty premise. They all want to be President because the presidency has meaning. But the presidency only has meaning because of past people who held the office — for the most part, setting individuals free. Past presidents — the truly great ones, at least — were not Communists, socialists, fascists or paid-off hacks, like Cheney and all these freak show “progressives” who are clamoring to replace Biden.

Today’s President “wannabes” do not wish to set us free. They wish to enslave us, under some form of government controls. Liz Cheney is no different. She’s just a garden variety RINO. She hates Trump because he actually MEANT all the things the phonies, empire builders and paid off dupes in the Imperial City (especially on the Republican side) only pretend to mean. For that, Trump has to be punished, and Cheney has gone so far to say he must be put in jail, as soon as possible.

Does THIS sound like an advocate of freedom? Jailing your political opponents? Is Liz Cheney’s America any more America than Nancy Pelosi’s or Joe Biden’s? Or Stalin’s or Castro’s or Hitler’s, for that matter?

Freedom means nothing to these people who lust to be President. They only want to be President because they have no core, no integrity, no soul. Gaining high office will give them that — they think. Liz Cheney is arguably the worst of them all, even worse than Nancy Pelosi.

These amoral, wasted heaps so lack any rational sense of self that the only way they know to get one is to acquire power over others. They ride on the legacy of men like Jefferson, Madison, Washington and Lincoln — as well as Reagan and Trump — to impose on us the precise opposite of what the Bill of Rights (upheld by REAL Presidents) had in mind.

It’s beyond sickening. But it will fail. Soulless, intellectually and spiritually empty people like these toxic charlatans in the Imperial City can’t buy their way into becoming people of real value. They will fall. But only if we fight them and shed them. For now, they have the power because millions of us still hand it over to them.



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