Will Trump Run Again, and Will He Win?

TRUMP will run again. Will he win? Probably not. Fraud will triumph. Why not? Absolutely nothing has been done about it. All hell will break loose as America’s tyrants clamp down harder and economic conditions worsen.

If Trump does win (unlikely, but possible), all hell will break loose for a different reason, especially in the cities.

Brace yourselves. You’re living in interesting times. Tyranny cannot be defeated peacefully. Patriots will wake up to this, I believe, after Trump is cheated out of a second election.

Reason and virtue will triumph eventually, but not easily.

Those are my predictions. What are yours?

On Facebook, one reader replies:

Arizona had a record turnout for the primary amongst Republicans. Both moderate Democrats and independents are growing sick and tired of the Democrats leftist Behavior. If enough people go to the polls, they can’t cheat the win. That’s what happened in 2016, because they did not expect that many people to vote for him. They ramped it up in 2020 because they knew. But if 100 million people vote for Trump in 2024, they cannot cheat their way out of that. It would be unbelievable beyond measure.

Dr. Hurd replies:

I hope that’s true but America has a LOT of stupid people and the massive numbers needed to combat fraud probably don’t exist. Most of the younger population will never, ever vote non-left, even into their 30s. They are brainwashed and ignorant.

Another reader writes:

I wish Trump would rally for DeSantis instead of running himself, but that will not happen. Instead I predict that DeSantis will run in the primary and stands a good chance of defeating Trump there, (Trump is most vulnerable for stupidly handing over his Presidency to Fauci/Birx in 2020 and to this day congratulating himself for being THE V-Pusher, as if it’s a great thing). Trump will do everything he can to destroy DeSantis.

So who wins? Gavin and Pete.

Dr. Hurd replies:

I agree DeSantis won’t win either. Because of fraud. And yes, Biden won’t be around and Gavin and Pete will be perfect to expand and entrench the tyranny. Patriots will realize it’s hopeless, and all hell breaking loose will arguably be preferable to now. Peaceful secession is the only option, but leftists now firmly in control of the U.S. military will not permit it.



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