With Tyrants in Charge, What About the Good Guys in Police/Military?

One of the ugliest things about today: Blue states are run by lawless thugs in suits, the nasty and arbitrary career politicians some still call “Democrats”. Not to imply that most Republicans (RINOs, career politicians) are much better; but the Democrats everywhere are lawless, amoral gangsters who have seized control of what used to be the legitimate apparatus of a government. RINOs are the imitation brand; “Democrats” are the real deal. Democrats are now modern American Marxists, Maoists and fascists, all rolled up into one horrific hybrid.

The ugliest part is how law enforcement — police, etc. — have become the henchpersons for these thugs in power. I can’t imagine what this does to the inner state of a decent law enforcement person (which I still believe most of them are). Think about it. Police are trained and sworn to uphold the law. If the police officer is a good person, he or she has integrity.

Integrity requires that you uphold the law. But the “law” as we know it, especially since COVID, is arbitrarily applied by career politicians, capricious, power-grabbing narcissists and sociopaths who have ZERO regard for any law, from the Bill of Rights on down. In theory and practice, they view their police and other law enforcement the same way a mob leader views his thugs … people not to uphold “the law”, but people to uphold THEIR law. The examples to support this, from Pelosi’s brazenly open insider trading to the documented activities of the Biden crime family, are staggering in number and daily in revelation.

This puts decent law enforcement individuals in an impossible situation, both practically and with regard to their integrity. They’re sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the rights-supporting documents of their respective states. But in blue states especially, they’re working for thugs and dictators.

We see this on a larger level with regard to the Swamp of Washington DC, a rancid and corrupt, legalized Mafia-state backed up by the once noble military of the United States. What must it be like for decent soldiers, majors, colonels and generals (those not removed by Obama or Biden) to be working for some of the most rotten people to inhabit a government since the era of the declining Roman empire — or, worse yet, since the regimes of Soviet Russia, Castro’s Cuba and Hitler’s Germany?

The military and police consist — I presume — of mostly decent, old fashioned American good guys. Yet they are working for unadulterated, nasty brutes who care nothing for the law in the sense captured by our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. And the good ones know it. How can they cope with it? It’s horrible that they’re in this position.

It’s ugly, but it’s also an unsustainable tension that has to be resolved. HOW will it be resolved? Will the rotten elements rise to the surface, corrupting the police and military? Will they become the thugs who will rationalize what they do by claiming, “I was just doing my job”? Or will some other scenario play out?

The brazenly unconstitutional, openly partisan nature of the Stalinesque January 6 show trials and imprisonments devoid of due process does not auger well for anyone who cherishes liberty and freedom, regardless of political views. All of the evidence I see, at present, points to the bad guys winning. It can still change, but we had better see massive and total course reversals, and soon. It’s worse than “throw the bums” out this November. It’s remove the tyrants from our midst.

This isn’t Netflix or Amazon Prime, people. This is real life. And we’re living it. It’s not speculation. It’s happening now. One way or another, it WILL all play out. And, like it or not, the overwhelming majority of us will be around to see how the movie ends.




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