How Far Will Leftists Go to Eradicate Dissension? We’ll Soon Know

It’s fun to watch Commie News headlines, like MSN and CNN: “Candidates who Deny 2020 Election Results Win Primaries.” Or: “Trump candidates win, showing how Trump still controls the GOP base.”

They’re horrified. What’s a dictator to do?

The first choice of dictators is to marginalize. Yet when people they dislike continue to win elections, despite the fraud — well, that’s intolerable. SOMETHING has got to be done. But WHAT? And by WHOM?

There’s really nothing left for them to do other than impose a full-blown, full-scale dictatorship. For various reasons, the people who used to be called “liberals” and “Democrats” can’t quite bring themselves to do that. They’d rather marginalize or use the stupid leftism (or moral cowardice) of most corporate and media giants to hide behind. It has worked so well up to now.

The continued success of Trump-like candidates — with Trump attitudes and ideas — cannot be allowed to stand, according to leftists. Remember, leftists are like the Islamic terrorists they so often excuse and defend: The very idea of someone else inhabiting the planet who disagrees with you sends them into uncontrollable panic followed by rage. They lash out. Hence, the state of our culture where even the tiniest hint of pretense of rational discourse has totally broken down.

Leftists have won the war for government and culture. And yet they haven’t. They can’t attain what they REALLY want without full, complete and totalitarian dictatorship. Gulags, prison camps, the whole bit. Do they have the stomach for it? Do they have the will to pull it off? Will nonleftists roll over for concentration camps and political imprisonment like they did for mask and vax mandates, and early morning data dumps? We don’t know the answer for sure. Not yet. But as leftists hell-bent on TOTAL submission and control reach the end of their road, the story is nearing its climax.

Very soon, we’ll learn just how far leftists — who already own the culture, the schools, the media and the federal government– are prepared to go.




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