From Foxholes to America 2022

A meme eloquently puts it: “Your grandfather didn’t sleep in a foxhole in a far away land while clutching a picture of your grandmother so you would surrender your guns.”

And so much more.

Your grandfather didn’t endure fighting Nazis so you could wear a mask everywhere you go. Or submit to an untested vaccine. Or surrender your free speech. Or accept a totalitarian green dictatorship based upon the weather forecast 500 years from now. Or submit to a tyranny of racial terrorists allied with mental disorder patients. Or to tolerate questionable election results with no right to discuss them. Or to replace capitalism with Chinese Communist manipulation. Or to pay 50 times for gas what he paid. Or to open up the nation’s borders and place every entrant (terrorists, criminals, child molesters and sociopaths all included) on the government dole forever. Or to pay off your college loan only to pay off your neighbor’s daughter’s college through taxes (or inflation). Or to get permanently used to supply chain shortages for absolutely no reason. Or to experience hyperinflation. Or to enable you to experience intellectual nausea when watching The View, or Joe Biden drooling through his ice cream cone. Or to watch narcissistic ball players take a knee before what used to be a gloriously fun, entirely nonpolitical sport. Or to experience the ruination of American comedy and theater through the 21st century’s “woke” equivalent of a Maoist nightmare group psychosis.

Your grandfather didn’t huddle in a foxhole FOR ANY OF THIS CRAP.



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