Clueless Sheep Try to Celebrate the 4th of July

July 4 refers to “Independence Day”. Specifically, it refers to the USA’s break with –and independence from — Great Britain’s authoritarian monarchy of the 1770s.

Independence Day. Independence FROM … what? From tyranny. From the lack of individual rights. From arbitrary government power over mind, body and property.

We need a new independence day. Sadly, we now need independence from our own government. These rotten-to-the-core, bought-and-sold career politicians in our state capitals and Imperial City are in the literal, profit-making business of selling away our rights and eroding our responsibilities. They will sell anything off to the highest bidder. They have made enriching careers of destroying the legacy of freedom that made America prosperous and great, for so long.

If anything, today’s citizens of America are in WORSE shape — by the standard of freedom — than the citizens of Revolutionary era America were.

The people who are celebrating the 4th today, in most cases, have no clue what or why they’re celebrating. They only care about their pleasures of the moment. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying these pleasures. But to be SO hopelessly clueless about what made those pleasures possible — and how we all depend on the very things that many of us recoil against, like capitalism, the Bill of Rights, small government, and all the other things people have died in the past for — is really a bit of a caricature in motion to watch.

Happy 4th, to those who are NOT clueless about where we stand.



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