We’re In a Civil War

The pushback from the right — with a wave of recent, decisive Supreme Court decisions — shows how America is, for all practical purposes, in a civil war. The right IS fighting back, though it won’t necessarily win.

I define a civil war less in military terms than in social, political and psychological terms. All of the factors necessary for a civil war are firmly in place. The only reason we don’t yet have full-scale violence? The left is happy to be violent, but the right has been mostly unwilling, so far, to physically fight back.

We have irreconcilable differences mixed with the willingness of one side (so far) to engage in violence. One side wants the First and Second Amendemnts, and the other side does not. If you can’t agree on these two things, then agreement on anything else is hopeless. Making matters worse, one side wants totalitarian control over the economy (rationalized first by COVID, now by the “green” and “climate change” agendas) and the other wants fewer controls (or in the case of libertarians, no controls). You cannot reconcile these differences.

The right wing — the patriots, the libertarians, the social and economic conservatives — are largely peaceful people. Some who vote for the left are peaceful, but the people they support in the “arena” are not peaceful. Democratic leaders in Congress like Nancy Pelosi have all but openly called for violence against Supreme Court justices. Biden, whom some still call the “president” of a no longer functioning constitutional republic, stands by, stares blankly, eats ice cream and snickers. Pitifully, the Supreme Court of the United States begs the federal government to please, please protect their justices in their homes. Biden just eats more ice cream and snickers. No more pretense. Does that sound like civil war material? It sure does to me.

So we’re in a chronic, escalating sociopolitical-psychological state where (1) differences are irreconcilable, and (2) one side is happy to promote violence. Right now, conservatives are appeased by the fact that they scored some major, even earth-shattering victories in the Supreme Court. But they will soon come to see what the leftists understood before them: There is no reconciling these differences. In effect, that’s what leftists are saying when they insist that one way or another, none of these decisions will stand. They said that about President Trump, too. They made sure, using all the power and influence at their disposal (since they do, after all, own the universities, the media and the corporate world), that President Trump would NOT get a second term, under any conditions (even electoral victory).

Democrats are now Communists and totalitarians. They will get what they want. Or they will go down fighting. But I don’t think they expect much of a fight. These Supreme Court decisions are mostly a holdover of Donald Trump’s one term as president. In their minds: There will be no more Republican presidents, so there will be no more conservative appointments to the Supreme Court. Whatever can be done to hasten along new openings to the Supreme Court — well, it’s all for a just cause. Just like the 2020 election.

If you doubt this to be their attitude, you are in utter denial. One hundred percent of their actions in the last 2-3 years alone have proved this to be their attitude beyond any doubt.

We are dealing not with people concerned about individual rights. We are dealing with people concerned with power over others, for its own sake. Why abortion rights figure into this is unimportant. These are the kind of people who would gladly impose abortions on people if they thought it served the “common good”. Rights are the last thing they care about, as COVID and so much else have shown us.

Our republic is under attack as rarely before in its history. And, more than any other point in history, we are in danger of losing everything.



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