Would America Be Any Worse Off Under a Kamala Harris Regime?

Biden’s bicycle fall in Rehoboth Beach yesterday sent chills of horror down the spines of some: What if we end up with “President Kamala Harris”?

It doesn’t matter, really.

It will be the same, willfully destructive agenda no matter which hapless dolt they put in power. We are an occupied country. The “Democrats” are destroying our economy, our republic, our Constitution and our civilization. An invasion from a foreign enemy would have been no different.

I know it’s shocking and evokes natural, self-protective denial to try and absorb this awful truth I am naming for you; but the evidence is overwhelming, and at some point more of us will have to accept that we’re not merely living under an inept, temporary “administration”. The bad guys are here to stay, until we the people find a way to get rid of them. Who their figurehead is really doesn’t matter that much.



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