The Disarming of America — Literally and Morally

He doesn’t care about hyperinflation, the thing that destroyed Venezuela and is now coming for America. He seems to think it’s kind of funny. How does that make you feel?


“There is no logical reason for the average person to be able to fire 20, 30 or 100 bullets without the need to reload. Limiting the number of rounds a person can fire at once is another piece of the puzzle to reduce gun violence without impacting a person’s right to own or use a firearm,” House Majority Whip Larry Mitchell, D-Elsmere [Delaware] said.

The twit takes it for granted that (1) the police will ALWAYS be available, on time, to save you; and (2) the government itself could NEVER become corrupt enough for you to need to defend yourself from IT, the government.

The only party to benefit from gun and ammo bans: A malevolent government. Criminals will still get guns and do horrible things with them. Victims of criminals will be disarmed. And now that our government (including in one-party blue states like Delaware) has become the biggest criminal of all, OF COURSE they want peaceful, law-abiding yet liberty-loving citizens DISARMED.



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