When Will America Get Its Berlin Wall?

“The acid test for any two competing socioeconomic systems is which side needs to build a wall to keep people from escaping? That’s the bad one!”

— ElonMusk

Here’s the thing: When will America’s one-party dictatorship (we are a dictatorship now) build a wall to keep people from escaping?

Well, first there needs to be a better place to escape. At this point, as screwed up as America is, the rest of the world is even MORE screwed up. It has always been that way, since the beginning of America.

That may or may not change. But if it ever does, you will see that wall. Or some 21st Century, brilliantly rationalized, woke version of it.

They’re already building a wall around our communication. One of the ugliest things we’ve seen in the last two years — and we’ve seen a lot of ugly things — was the taking down of Parler, a pro-Trump social media site prominent during the leadup to the installation of the Biden regime. Google and Apple and other forces merged with the government and acted to take Parler down. Why? Because it opposed government doctrine on COVID, the election, January 6 and many other matters of propaganda.

These were not the actions of self-responsible “private” companies, a perfectly legitimate step in a free society. These were the actions of gigantic corporatists who act in lockstep with the orders of the dictatorial government — in the spirit not of fear, but of lustful obedience.

It’s sickness and evil on a scale that neither Orwell nor Ayn Rand could have imagined. Normally, dictatorships rule based on fear. Eventually our dictatorship will get there, I suppose. But they don’t need to, so far. They have the uncritical and unwavering support and adoration of virtually every media outlet, celebrity and corporate official in American society.

So far, the Biden regime has had it easy. They don’t need people to be mainly afraid. They can count on enough people to be stupid and/or ignorant. The rest takes care of itself. Look where we are.

When it stops being easy for them to be dictators, you will know it. You will see the wall. And I’m not talking about Trump’s wall, either.

Safe travels, patriots. We are in for a rough ride.



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