America Needs a Plan “B” … and Fast

If the 75 percent who disapprove of Biden simply IGNORE ALL OF HIS EDICTS, we won’t need an election.

Let’s get real. Unless something drastic changes, we will continue to have election fraud at the presidential level. That means no Republican president — ever again. Maybe an occasional RINO, but RINOs are part of The UniParty. No Trump, no DeSantis, no Reagan — not ever again. You cannot delude yourself that it will happen when the criminals in charge of Democrat-run states will — like any criminal — simply repeat what worked before, without consequences. In 2020 they found a way around the Electoral College system they so loathe. It’s called CHEATING.

It remains to be seen what happens with Congress. At times, it looks like there could be a red wave and that many of the RINOs will get thrown out of office. But that remains to be seen. There’s going to be a LOT of cheating. Consider Georgia. The RINO Republican Governor there sailed to victory over a real Republican, in contrast with other states where Trump intervened and was largely successful in kicking the RINOs out via primaries. How could that not happen in Georgia? Georgia has a Republican governor and the state is still filled with rational patriots, despite the Communist infestation in and around Atlanta. Has Georgia really become left-wing, like Washington/Oregon, California or Massachusetts? Or is something else going on?

The point is: You can’t put most of your hope in elections anymore. You need something else. That’s where resistance comes in. That’s where civil disobedience comes in. I keep reading that 75 percent of the country strongly disapproves of where the country is headed. However some of those people might feel about Trump or Republicans, they know that Biden’s policies have something to do with it. But they’re going to get more and more of Biden’s policies. Biden is NOT going to stop. He’s overtly laughing at us as he destroys us. The rotten old pervert may get kicked out of office by his party bosses — and then you’re stuck with someone just as bad policy-wise, and perhaps even more nauseating to look at. The point: We only have one party government. And that’s the end of civilization, in any country. America is not immune, and never was.

Something has got to give. Election waves are not the main thing to hope for. The only hope for a formerly free people is to STOP obeying. I’m including people with disproportionate amounts of power and influence. The people who manufacture guns that are becoming illegal, the people who produce baby formula that the government for some sick reason doesn’t want produced, the people who have the power to drill and perhaps should take on the Biden regime, and — yes — even the military itself, full of good guys who can’t approve of what’s happening to our country. Why or how could you possibly put your life on the line, risking it for your country by joining the military, watching your demented, twisted “commander-in-chief” destroy it with your help? These good souls in the military have GOT to be upset.

Something has got to give. There are no easy or coventionally rational strategies in a situation where an entire nation is, in effect, held at gunpoint. The first step is to get out of denial. Millions are out of denial now, and that’s a start. But others must start waking up. This is not going to end well. I’m not talking “conspiracies”; I am talking THE ACTUAL OBJECTIVE FACTS OF WHAT IS BEING DONE TO US IN PLAIN DAYLIGHT. If deliberately induced hyperinflation and everything else doesn’t convince you, then you must be highly wealthy or highly psychologically defended. But reality WILL assert its will, and sooner than you think.

You’ve run out of time, America. You better come up with a plan B — and fast.




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